Get official information on events in regards to author and illustrator Madyson Blair. 

Books and Authors Spring 2019!

It's that time again! This Sunday March 24th from 11 am to 5 pm I'll be selling my books at Leon and Lu Lu's Books and Author's event! I will also be doing a reading from The Weather Inside Book II 


Books and Authors, autumn edition!

I’m excited to announce I will be selling my books AGAIN at the Leon and Lu Lu Books and Author’s event, Sunday October 28th from 11 am to 5 pm at 96 W 14 Mile Rd. ,Clawson, MI! This was such a super cool and unique event, I highly recommend it to any Michigan authors out there :)


Detroit City Art Walk 2018

August 25th-26th, I'll be selling my books and art at the Detroit City Art Walk from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm Saturday AND Sunday! So please come visit, see all the amazing artists and maybe purchase an original print of mine or some copies of The Weather Inside ;) Hope to see you there!


The Ice Cream Funeral Parlor 2017!

Helloo I've returned a newly married woman! Now that all that crazy wedding planning is over with I'm getting right back into the grind...I will be selling my art and books again at this year's Nonsense Night : The Ice Cream Funeral Parlor at The Tangent Gallery Friday October 6th at &:30 pm! I will also be doing my first ever reading from Book II. Come and join! It will be a delectably dark experience you won't want to miss...



On Saturday, June 24th, a HQ print of my piece "The Magician" will be hanging for sale at the gallery show "Subreality" amongst other awesome surreal art. I will also be vending there (The Tangent Gallery, 715 E Milwaukee St
Detroit, Michigan, MI 48202). This will be my first time selling The Weather Inside Book II at a show! So if you want a signed copy please come visit :) 

"The Magician"

"The Magician"

Venus Rising--an All Women Art Exhibition

Saturday April 1st from 7:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m. at the Tangent Gallery 715 E Milwaukee, Detroit, HQ framed prints of my pieces "Remembering The World", "The High Priestess", "All Human Contact Is Prohibited" and "The Burning Man"  will be on display/for sale! I will also be selling merchandise there. (Hopefully Book II will be printed by then!!!)

Venus Rising

DAMNED...An Exhibition of Enlightened Darkness

My piece "Finding the King" has been accepted into "Damned, an Exhibition of Enlightened Darkness"!!!! I am so excited about this! It will be three days of decadent performances, art, culinary curiosities and masquerade magnificence. (And I get free, VIP access to all of it, heh!) I even get to sell prints of other illustrations and my novel in the store! This fabulous event takes place October 27-29th at the Tangent Gallery on Hastings Street, Detroit. Be there if you dare.... ;)

"Finding the King"

Nonsense Night Round Two....The Ice Cream Funeral Parlor!

Among other artists, musical performances and unpredictable awesomeness, I will have my book and prints of my artwork on display/for sale here October 7th!! Nonsense Nights are an amazing thing going on in Detroit and everyone should seriously check them out...there will be no dull moments ever. Guaranteed!!! :D

October 7th, 2016 @ Tangent Gallery / Hastings Street Ballroom
Detroit Michigan
Nonsense Nights presents
Nonsense Night: "The Ice Cream Funeral Parlor"

Pop-Up Event! Nonsense Night!

FRIDAY JUNE 10th! This is very short notice but I will be selling some prints tonight at a cool event in downtown Detroit called Nonsense Night! The venue is the Tangent Gallery/Hastings Street Ballroom 715 E Milwaukee ST. Detroit, MI, 48202 and goes from 6 PM-2 AM

Check out this video to get an idea of just how awesome Nonsense Nights can be:

I'm not sure exactly what to expect, but that is the whole point of Nonsense Night--it must not be defined! Here is a link to the event's Facebook:

And here is a link to the host's website--the very talented performer Zakery Winchester:

Thanks for inviting me Zackery! Let's see what happens! :)

Convocation 2016!

Finally getting back into the swing of pursuing my dream now that the chaos of moving into a new house is beginning to wane. Framed prints of my artwork are going to be for sale this year at Convocation, located in Dearborn Michigan inside the lovely Doubletree hotel, Fenurary 18th-21st (THIS WEEKEND!)

 Looking forward to putting my soul out there for everyone to see again, it's been too long since I've been completely vulnerable (as an artist should be). I don't know if anyone is actually going to read this post, but hey, if you are I hope to see you there!

Carpe Diem :) 

Michigan Pagan Fest 2015!!! June 26th-28th

I am excited to announce that I will be a vendor at Michigan Pagan Fest This year!!! To any fellow followers of alternative spiritual paths out there: I highly recommend this event--it is three days of enlightening workshops, life changing rituals and just plain FUN!  I will be there with my beloved muse-man selling The Weather Inside Book I of course, along with magnets, bookmarks, art books, posters and more.

I can't wait! :D

The Art of Yoga

My new coloured pencil piece, 'Mercurial Muse' is finished and will be on display in downtown Grand Rapids on Friday, April 10th from 6-11 PM! It will be showcased in The Art of Yoga (located at 315 S. Division), curated by the lovely Emily Veldma. I will also be selling copies of my book and other goodies. So come stop by to see some awesome art and live Kirtan music!!! :D

Artist’s Statement

As an avid researcher of all things esoteric, I have become well acquainted with the ancient Alchemical axiom: ‘As Above, So Below.’  Not only has this mystical concept emerged from my unconscious and seeped into almost all of my work, it has become a potent phrase to live by. The merging, balance and dance of the opposites is at the core of all mythology, and is perhaps most recognizably depicted in the symbol of the yin-yang. The complex ways in which the conception of yin-yang can manifest through images and words are nearly limitless, and ‘Mercurial Muse’ is simply one example. In this particular piece, I wanted to use yoga as a way to symbolize the bridging of the gap between the physical body and the psyche. I am deeply inspired by the works of Swiss Psychologist Carl Jung; and my interpretation of the discoveries he made in regards to the collective human unconscious often appear in my work. In Jungian terms, the anima is the inner woman of a man and the animus is the inner man of a woman. Here, I have attempted to capture a woman’s experience of spiritual elevation through yoga and meditation, wherein the depths of her introspection she has glimpsed the vast and numinous power of her animus who cradles her both tenderly and forebodingly. 

Fictive: an Illustration Show

   My new coloured pencil piece 'The Real Woman' is finished and framed! :D It will be hanging alongside my other pieces 'Remembering the World' and 'The End of Emptiness' for Emily Veldman 's show 'Fictive.' The show is all about narrative through images, and will host several other super talented artists including Markia Jenai , Emily herself and more! The gallery is called Sanctuary Folk Art at 140 S. Division in Grand Rapids. The show opens Friday November 7th from 6:00-10:00--if you want to see some cool art, please stop by for a visit!! :)

'The Real Woman'

'Remembering the World'

'The End of Emptiness'

Market for First Fridays Round Two!

Once again, I will be selling books, bookmarks and magnets on S Division in Grand Rapids! Come visit this coming Friday (August 1st) and get your uniquely signed copy of The Weather Inside!!! ;)

Merchandise for Sale at Avenue for The Arts Market on First Fridays!

On June Sixth from 5-9 PM I will be sharing a booth with the prolifically creative Emily Veldman at The Avenue for the Arts in downtown Grand Rapids! We'll be selling some super cool merchandise in Gallery 106 S Division. On my side of the booth you shall find signed copies of The Weather Inside Book I for $10.00 each, magnets for $1.00 each and bookmarks for $1.00 each. Your choice of a free bookmark AND magnet will be complimentary with each purchase of my book!

Also, a brand new bookmark featuring a detail of 'The Magician' will be available ;)

My book and each of the available magnet/bookmark designs! (Magnets are the smaller ones toward the left.)

'The Magician' Bookmark is coming soon!

Art to be Showcased During Kendall Student Exhibition Week!

    A large selection of my illustrative work (twenty-one pieces to be exact!) will be display at Kendall College of Art and Design from May 6-May 10. The opening reception is on the 6th from 4:00-7:00 PM. I will be showing on the second floor in room 212--come visit and check out all of the incredible artists and artwork from the graduating class of 2014! :)

        Here is a map to Kendall on Google.

       My two new pieces 'Love Me' and 'The Magician' will be making an appearance...

'Love me'--Portrait of Alastair meant to capture the deepest aspects of his archetype and psychology

...As well as some awesome free bookmarks! Come get 'em before they're gone!