About me

Read about author and illustrator Madyson Blair. 

        Don't ever mistake my silence for ignorance, my calmness for acceptance or my kindness for weakness.'

      I have been a self-proclaimed author and artist since I discovered the wonders of pencil and paper at three years old. Though my first book was written entirely in scribbles and bound by scotch tape, I had never seen anything more beautiful in my short life. I was so proud, I even wrote a lopsided copyright symbol on the inside page. At the age of 23, I earned my BFA from Kendall College of Art and Design of Grand Rapids, Michigan, and immediately went forth into the world to write and create illustrations for my seven-book series, The Weather Inside.

      As an author and illustrator, I am constantly striving to express the depth and intensity of that which dwells in the unconscious--personal and collective, above and below, light and dark, 'good' and 'evil'. These opposites dance like confident thespians, acting within a powerful play upon the glowing stage of my creations. It is the nature of these mytho-poetic archetypes and dualities that ultimately shape the characters and environments that emerge from my imagination. My series of novels encapsulates a story that demands to be told as though I have no choice in the matter--oftentimes it feels I’m merely along for the ride, constantly learning new things every day about the vastly esoteric truths behind my work.

      Aside from writing and drawing, my passions include Jungian psychology, mythology, mysticism, alchemy, astrology, tarot cards, classic literature, antiques, black coffee, black tea, music and dreaming.

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