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Remembering Italy--My One Year Anivarsary

      One year ago today I took a trip to Italy that changed my life. I will forever cherish my experience there--the deep echoes of history within the culture, glorious landscape, breathtaking architecture, Venetian masks, fine wine, gelato and unforgettable adventures... It was there that I did my hands-on intensive research on the mysteries of the effect of the Italian Renaissance on the collective unconscious. I visited Rome, the countryside and Florence respectively--I gazed in awe of the spiritual interiors of churches, got lost amid the ruins, wandered through the mysterious Park of the Monsters, traveled the narrow streets of tiny medieval villages, studied the artwork in countless museums and read Carl Jung's The Red Book in the shady garden of our villa.  What I learned has since shaped my art and writing extensively--and the mysticism and magic of the feeling of my recollections are eternal, where they are, within my Spirit.

     Just thought I'd say cheers to the memory!!