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At Last, a New Coloured Pencil Piece is Underway!

So my life has been absolutely crazy lately (In a good way) and, if truth be told, I am only now getting back into the flow of where I left off as an artist before love came knocking at my door! Haha. I suppose I am yet to make a post about the way my life has been going since my latest chapter unfurled, but perhaps I will do that after Halloween...let's just say there will be many photos to post, muahaha.

For now I will simply share that I have finally started a new coloured pencil piece. It doesn't have a title just yet, but here is the rough sketch that I projected onto grey board in my studio the other day. This one features a new character that I recently discovered...she will make her first appearance toward the end of book II...;)

I am really itching to complete this one. It will be making an appearance at an art show in Grand Rapids on November 7th! More details coming soon.

Projection time!