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'The End of Emptiness'--Three New Illustrations Completed!

My  latest illustrations--a series of three pictures titled 'The End of Emptiness'--are finally finished! I'd say I experienced a bit of a creative breakthrough with these, and felt incredibly inspired during the entire process. With each new image I create, I strive continuously to express the archetypal essences which grip me both on an individual and collective level. I wanted to manifest something with universal appeal, and yet also something that managed to remain true to The Weather Inside as a piece of literature.  These images are particularly attuned to the themes expressed in Book II, but also capture the esoteric and psychological implications of the series as a whole.

There are numerous meanings at play here, most of which tap into my fascination with duality and the eternal dance of opposites. There is a fine line between ecstasy and pain, love and fear, and a transition from non-being into being which asserts itself upon the sublime merging of darkness and light. The implications are taken to a personal, darkly intimate and decadent level here; an appropriate archetypal plane for Alastair. The themes, among many, include the personal swallowing the impersonal, nothingness becoming something, the dissection of perfection, and the angel of cold eternity being digested into the theatrically flawed warmth of the world.

Act I

Act II