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The Weather Inside now Available in Local Bookstore

It's extremely cool that Downtown Kalamazoo's very own Michigan News Agency (serving the community since 1947!) supports local authors--so I stopped in to see if they would sell The Weather Inside and they very quickly gave me a contract and stocked the shelves of their Creative Endeavors section with a few (signed!) copies to start. Awesomely, all of the money is returned to the authors. I'm thankful to live in such an enthusiastic literary community! If  you're interested or know anyone who might be, please come down and check it out or help to spread the word.  The books are $10.00 a piece. :) This is my first time having a book on the shelves of an actual physical store, so that alone is pretty exciting. It's the small steps that add up slowly into greater strides. I still have more plenty more bookstores yet to tackle!

Check out the Michigan New Agency's website at