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A New Chapter Unfurls

  Everything has been moved out of my apartment now, and the page to a new chapter of my life has officially turned. All that remains of the place wherein I spent these last three years of my life are some fantastic photographs, taken by my awesome brother, Austin. It's bittersweet to leave this era of my life behind...I am more than ready to move forward, but not without looking back fondly at that crucial time of my existence when I lived alone. It was my sacred temple, my heart. I laughed and loved and cried and came of age in this little place!

  I'll never forget having friends over for tea and working for hours on my art with my coloured pencils strewn across the floor. So many pieces of artwork and chapters of The Weather Inside were given life here. So many friendships blossomed here, so much self-discovery happened here...and I take it with me wherever I go. I carry this home in my soul, always. To those of you who spent time with me in my special place, thank you for the memories

In other news...I met the man of my dreams at Pagan Fest and the two of us have fallen madly in love...(Looks familiar, doesn't he?) <3 <3 <3...but more on that later ;)