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Michigan Pagan Fest 2015

Once again, Michigan Pagan Fest was quite an experience for me! The rainstorms on Saturday may have drowned our tents, but in the end it couldn't drown our spirits. The sun came out again on Sunday and brought with it a much appreciated package of positive energy. I made some promising connections, met cool people, sold some stuff, hung out with close friends and best of all I got to go back to the place where I fell in love <3 Julius and I sat together in the exact spot we met--against the #6 building.  Last year I met the love of my life and this year I got to be a vendor and promote my work with my him by my side :) What an awesome, warm and loving community. I feel privileged to be a part of it. Thank you MPF for yet another unforgettable weekend :D And thank you baby for all of your help setting up my booth!!!

My vending face!

Standing by the wall where we first met <3 <3 <3

Gotta have those strings of lights!!!!

Julius being goofy.....imagine that!

I donated to the raffle! :)