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So It's Been a While...(I probably should have mentioned this earlier but...)

I FINISHED BOOK TWO!!!!! And some trusted people are reading it right now and editing it before it goes to print!!!

This actually happened a while ago. Why am I just posting this now, then? Well, basically, I got out of the habit of posting in here for a couple reasons. One reason is (and I don't mean to sound sorry for myself or anything) I honestly don't know if anyone even reads this blog, haha. I really haven't reached that kind of "success" yet where I know people are interested enough in me and my work to actually go to my website regularly and read things. So I keep falling back onto posting things on Facebook because it's easier--I mean, it's especially easier to upload photos there. Plus, people actually see and read and react to the things I post on Facebook. It's a bit sad because I don't even really like Facebook and yet I keep falling back on it to share things in regards to my journey as an author as my own website just sits here...

But anyway. Enough of that. Yes--Book Two is completed and I hope to self-publish it by March (that's probably a bit ambitious, but I will definitely do my best to publish it before the summer.)

When I do the cover reveal, I will be sure to post it here as well as Facebook. But for anyone out there who might read this website and not know me on Facebook (I doubt that such a person exists but just in case...)  please go to my Facebook to catch upon's public:

 You'll see photos from DAMNED, a piece of art I started, stuff about my engagement and our upcoming wedding (egad, did I forget to mention that here too?? Yeah...I'm GETTING MARRIED TO THE LOVE OF MY LIFE IN SEPTEMBER!) and other things. I will try to get better at posting in here though. It's just difficult to do that before I really have a true following, you know? I'm not the type to assume people give a crap about me, haha. Well, I guess that's all I have to say for now. To anyone out there who cares enough to actually read this THANK YOU, whoever you are!! I mean it!!


An Aspiring Author. (Not sure why this suddenly turned into a letter but okay!)