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Books and Authors Spring 2019 Plus Updates

It's that time again! This Sunday March 24th from 11 am to 5 pm I'll be selling my books at Leon and Lu Lu's Books and Author's event! I will also be doing a reading from The Weather Inside Book II  :)

Also quick update: I haven’t been drawing a ton, but I have made some new sketches here and there that you can find on my Instagram account Here

I have been spending most of my creative time writing Book III—which in my case of course not only involves writing but falling into new, deep spiritual truths regarding magic brought to me by my one and only muse. That is is simply the most important thing to me right now, so social media has definitely had to take a back seat.

In other news I will be making an important trip this summer to The Writer’s Digest Annual Conference in new York City to pitch The Weather Inside Book I to agents! I’m extremely excited but also extremely nervous. I know even if I don’t land a book deal, it’s going to be an incredible experience for me. The truth is I haven’t looked for an agent since 2013. Time time has come for me to pursue big publishing again and I wanted to do it with agents IN PERSON. Self publishing has been a great ride, but I’m truly terrible at marketing myself and I need someone else to do that if I’m ever going to reach a larger audience, haha!

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