The official blog for author and illustrator Madyson Blair. 

The Eternal Flame

In many ways, stepping far out of my comfort zone into the uncontrollable external realm has been a good thing.  Albeit I have always put myself 'out there' to a degree ( in the sense that I have always been honest and forthcoming about my passion), now that the book is completed, I find myself being caught in the violent wind currents of a new level of 'out there'. Unexplored territory awaits me in all directions it seems--and I am trying not to lose my bearings in the madness. Creating a web-presence has brought many positive things, but with all the hopes there inevitably comes fear. I am frightened because I care so much--frightened of failure, frightened of mistakes, frightened of disappointment--but I am beginning to find balance again.

  Trying not to care doesn't work for me. Apathy is not soothing. Instead, I will meditate upon the origin of my passions: why I began doing what I love to do in the first place.  When I think deeply and feel deeply the eternal flame within me, the strength overrides the fear. I realise  that there comes a burning point within my heart--a critical place where caring becomes more like a super power than a burden. And when I reach that pinnacle of love, I know that I will never, never, never, give up.