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Into the Depths of Book II

   Though my life is still crazy with all of the new trials and tribulations involved in promoting a finished book, I have recently been able to go inward again and re-immerse myself in the creative process. The introspective side of writing is certainly my favourite part of the craft. The next section I plan to tackle in Book II has been fascinating to explore thus far. This is how I have always viewed the creation of my story--I do not feel as if I am inventing it--I feel as if I am exploring it and discovering something that is already there. For me, creating is about opening up to the universe within and without. As soon as I open myself up and allow the story to come through me and 'show' me how it wants to be told, that is when the magic happens.

  The section I am currently discovering revolves around a feisty anti-hero named Linkaiah. I have had this character for eight years now and I am FINALLY getting to write about her! She is going to be a major player from the middle of book II onward. It has been beyond intriguing getting to know her. she has definitely been the theme of my life these past few weeks.

One of my strongest methods of discovering things about my story and the characters therein is listening to music, visualising and channeling archetypes. There are usually certain bands that go with each character. In Alastair's case, for example, Rammstein and Arcana are my primary musical inspirations. For Linkaiah, Emile Autumn and Garbage have been the driving force of audio revelation!

I don't want to spoil anything, but for fun here are just a few little facts about this wayward girl (details withheld!):

--She is the leader of an underground anti-authority group.

--She spent the majority of her childhood locked up.

--She is an anti-hero and borderline villain, but cares deeply about the rights of young girls.

--She despises Alastair

--Her favourite colours are hot pink and neon green.

--Her spirit animal is an albino rabbit. 'Follow the white rabbit....'

First image shows new sketches of her. Second image is an illustration I did last spring called 'All Human Contact is Prohibited.'

I love her hair!

I love her hair!

All Human Contact is Prohibited150.jpg