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A Journey Through my Sketchbook (sounds like the title of a a terrible documentary, I know.)

     My sketches have taken on an interesting life lately...I feel as though I have broken through another wall of the unconscious, and countless hyper-symbolic ideas are flowing through me at an alarming rate. I am continuously enchanted and mystified by the way my work is evolving and manifesting. I feel as though my next series of finished illustrations is going to be BIG...literally! I have never worked on anything beyond 18x24 and I think the time is drawing near than I explore some larger territory. My muse... *cough* ...Alastair... *cough* is as demanding as ever ;)

   In related news, I have officially re-immersed myself in book II and have picked up again where I left off in Ervine's narration. My goal is to write  a minimum of one page a day now that my senior show has come and gone. Feeling pretty exhilarated!

'The Crowning'

'The Return'

'Bow to Me'

'The Pendulum'

'I Shall Play King'

'The Secret Heart'


'The Way of the Serpent'  Gender-bending fun with Alastair. He loves to channel his feminine side... ;)

'Woe is Me!' Okay so this one isn't particularly hyper-symbolic, but it's Alastair being over dramatic...which means it very accurately depicts about 70% of his usual emotional state. 

'The Effigy'

'The All Seeing Eyes' A vision from an Active Imagination--this character doesn't come into the series until book IV; but he has been a very active force in my life for a long time, especially lately.