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Merchandise for Sale at Avenue for the Arts Market on First Fridays!

On June Sixth from 5-9 PM I will be sharing a booth with the prolifically creative Emily Veldman at The Avenue for the Arts in downtown Grand Rapids! We'll be selling some super cool merchandise in Gallery 106 S Division. On my side of the booth you shall find signed copies of The Weather Inside Book I for $10.00 each, magnets for $1.00 each and bookmarks for $1.00 each. Your choice of a free bookmark AND magnet will be complimentary with each purchase of my book!

Also, a brand new bookmark featuring a detail of 'The Magician' will be available ;)

In unrelated but equally exciting news, my Alchemy and Mysticism book came in the mail yesterday--ahhhhhh!

Hardcore geeking ensues.

My book and each of the available magnet/bookmark designs! (Magnets are the smaller ones toward the left.)

'The Magician' Bookmark is coming soon!

Alchemy and Mysticism. Oh yes.

Geeking out proudly.