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Happy (Belated) Halloweeeen!

Yes, it has been much too long since I wrote a post in here but the past few months of my life have been....chaotic to say the least. Amidst the stress and madness I have still managed to write TWI Book II when I can, and I am happy to report that I only have a chapter and a half left before I can call it 'complete'. Of course, then it will still take quite a long time to finish after endless hours of editing! But it's definitely getting there, slowly but surely :) 

I have also started a new coloured pencil piece, but haven't been able to work on it much at all. So hopefully I will finally be able to focus on that some more this week. In the meantime, here are some photos of my recent Halloween escapades with the love of my life <3

 Theatre Bizzare and The Monster's Ball did not disappoint. Well, at least I'm not experiencing any shortage of inspiration!!! 

Don't let all his serious looks fool you....he's got a serious side of course, but he's mostly a big, lovable goofball! <3