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Remember Remember The 9th of November....

With all its woes, struggle, discipline and madness--why be a writer? Why be a storyteller? When I ask myself these questions, the response that resounds from deep within me is always the same: 'Because it is magic.'

When I chose to surrender to this path, I chose to become vulnerable. And with that vulnerability I opened up and allowed myself to receive the story. The most magical thing of all about being an author is meeting that one character who is the beginning. The one who breathes life not only into your work, but into your world. When you allow that character to enter--when you allow him/her their absolute autonomy and see them as you wold see another life form--that is the beginning of the magic I speak of.

That character for me is Alastair. Today is his birthday. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALASTAIR! And thank you for seven years of unforgettable magic...I look forward to the many magical years yet to come... <3